Textbooks and Monographies

Please find below list of textbooks and monographies by authors associated with DDBST GmbH. The latest english textbook on Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics is "Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation" (J. Gmehling, B. Kolbe, M. Kleiber, J. Rarey) (info-flyer).

Developments and Applications in Solubility (Letcher T.M.), Chapter 3: Experimental, Calculated and Predicted Solubilities - Basis for the Synthesis and Design of Thermal Separation Processes Gmehling J., Cordes W. Article in Book, 52, 1, 31-40 (2007)
Technische Chemie, , Weinheim, VCH Bearns M., Behr A., Brehm A., Gmehling J., Hofmann H., Onken U. Monograph, 9.6, 6, 1-733 (2006)
Supercritical Fluids as Solvents and Reaction Media, Chapter 1.1: Experimental determination of phase equilibria and comprehensive examination of the predictive capabilities of group contribution equations of state with a view to the synthesis of supercritical extraction processes Gardeler H., Gmehling J. Article in Book, 141, 5, 3-38 (2004)
Res.Rep./ Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Thermodynamic Properties of Complex Fluid Mixtures (Maurer G.), Experimental Determination and Prediction of Phase Equilibria in Systems containing Strong Electrolytes Topphoff M., Rose C., Kiepe J., Gmehling J. Monograph, 42, 6, 208-240 (2004)
Chemical Thermodynamics for Industry, Chapter 7: Ionic Liquids in Separation Processes Gmehling J. Article in Book, 66, 7, 76-87 (2004)
Chemical Thermodynamics (Letcher T.), The Basis for the Synthesis, Design and Optimization of Thermal Separation Processes Gmehling J. Monograph, 21, 11, 1-13 (1999)
Lehrbuch der Technischen Chemie. Bd.2: Grundoperationen, , Weinheim, VCH Gmehling J., Brehm A., Baerns M. Monograph, 9.6, 6, 1-460 (1996)
Thermodynamik, Weinheim, VCH Gmehling J., Kolbe B. Monograph, 9.6, 6, 1-288 (1992)
Physical Property Prediction in Organic Chemistry (Jochum C.; Hicks M.G.; Sunkel J.), Prediction of Mixture Properties Using UNIFAC Gmehling J. Article in Book, 63, 11, 405 419 (1988)
Schriftenreihe der Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz : Forschung, Expositionsabschaetzung. Ein Methodenvergleich mit Hinweisen fuer die praktische Anwendung. Weidlich U., Gmehling J. Vol., 27, 7, 1-139 (1986)