Flash Points

The Dortmund Data Bank is the world-wide leading data base for thermophysical data, especially for phase equilibria, but it also contains quite a lot of safety relevant properties for pure components as well as for mixtures.

The available safety-relevant data are:

  1. Flash points

  2. Explosion limits and autoignition temperatures

  3. Heats of combustion and formation (pure components only)

  4. Vapor pressures

  5. Caloric properties like heat capacities, enthalpies, entropies, ...

Please contact DDBST for licensing information.


The DDB Online Search can create a list of components where flash points are available.


Mixture Properties

Flash points are also available for  mixtures. Mixture flash points for systems showing a pressure-maximum heteroazeotrope can be lower than the flash points of any pure component forming the mixture because of the vapor pressure maximum at the azeotropic composition.

A list with all systems for which flash points are available is available in the DDB Online Search.