Besides delivering data bases (DDB) and associated program packages, DDBST GmbH is engaged in consulting and special projects for various customers. These projects range from simple data estimation to setting up and verifying complex parameter sets for process simulation. Please  contact us for further information.


Recent projects include:

  • Model development
  • Fitting of NRTL parameters for more than 200 binary systems.
  • Custom software for a specific distillation problem including the fitting of few NRTL parameters.
  • Searching pure components and mixtures with specific properties for a heat exchanger.
  • Creating a list list of suitable entrainers for a separation problem.
  • Implementation of a new model for the estimation of a pure component property.
  • A program for the evaluation of special VLE measurements.
  • A program for the estimation of vapor-liquid equilibria with NRTL including the delivery of customer-specific NRTL parameters.
  • An internet-enabled program for estimating pure components properties (normal boiling point and vapor pressures) for atmosphere-related models.
  • Implementation of PPDS equations for correlating several pure component properties (including viscosities, thermal conductivities, and heat capacities).
  • Several deliveries of smaller amounts of data for specific purposes including some consulting.
  • Determination of azeotropic points of several binary mixtures.