Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data

The Dortmund Data Bank has four separate data banks which all contain vapor-liquid equilibrium data.

  1. VLE - Vapor-liquid equilibria (normal boiling points of all components above 0 °C)
  2. HPV - Vapor-liquid equilibria (normal boiling point of at least one component below 0 °C)
  3. ELE - Vapor-liquid equilibria (systems containing solved electrolytes)
  4. AZD - Azeotropic/zeotropic information

The VLE and the HPV databanks both contain exactly the same data (pressure, temperature, liquid and vapor composition, if measured) and the split has only historic and legal reasons. The HPV data bank contains data for gases like carbon dioxide, methane, ethane, and so on, and the VLE data banks has the data for all the bigger molecules like alcohols, ketones, etc.

The ELE data bank is quite different because it contains some additional properties like osmotic coefficients and γ+-. A further big difference is the added solubility information.

The AZD data bank contains information about azeotropic points (pressure, temperature, composition, if available) or the statement that a mixture is zeotropic at some condition. Many of the data points in the AZD data bank are derived from the VLE and the HPV data bank.