Property Estimation

DDBST provide some online property estimations as a free service for current and possible future customers. Currently there are three tools available:

  • Activity coefficients prediction with UNIFAC. The page supports the binary mixtures of Water, Ethanol, Benzene, Diethyl Ether, and Acetone only. It is intended for showing the basic concept of the UNIFAC model and not for the daily work. The complete model can be found in our UNIFAC calculation program which also includes the modified UNIFAC (Dortmund) method.

  • Limiting activity coefficient prediction with MOSCED. This is a complete implementation of the model published in 2005 by Lazzaroni et al. MOSCED is also implemented in our mixture prediction package together with the 1984 version of MOSCED and several other prediction methods. The MOSCED method is described in the Dutch and English Wikipedia.

  • Joback prediction of several pure component properties. The Joback method has been selected only because of its simplicity and not because of its accuracy or reliability. Modern and better methods can be found in our Predict Pure program for the estimation of pure component properties. The Joback method is described in the German and English Wikipedia.

Comments to these calculation tools are very welcome. Please contact us through our contact page or send a mail to


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