Managing Directors:

Dr. Andreas Grybat
Dr. Sven Horstmann
Dr. Christian Ihmels
Dr. Bastian Schmid



The Dortmund Data Bank (DDB) was started in 1973 in the research group of Prof. Dr. J. Gmehling at the University of Dortmund (Chair of Reaction Engineering of Prof. Dr. U. Onken) with the compilation of VLE-data for normal boiling mostly organic compounds. It was later extended to cover also pure component properties, liquid-liquid equilibrium data, excess enthalpies, activity coefficients at infinite dilution, ...

In 1989 the DDB moved to DDBST GmbH (Oldenburg) which guarantees the regular updating of the data banks and at the same time develops additional data compilations, e.g. VLE of low boiling substances, VLE of electrolyte systems (ELE), excess volumes (VE), adsorption equilibria, .....

DDBST GmbH was founded in 1989. The main goal was a professional, commercially oriented development, support and further extension of data banks and calculation programs. The Dortmund Data Bank is the largest factual data bank for experimental data on pure components and mixtures and available via in-house versions and online (as part of DETHERM).



Special attention is paid to:

  • Update and improvement of the Dortmund Data Bank (DDB). To accomplish this, an agreement was signed with DECHEMA. Support and regular updates of the DDB are financed by revenues.
  • Development and support of thermodynamic calculation programs
  • Preparation of manuals and documentation, user support and training
  • Development of new data banks and calculation methods compatible to DDB
  • Consulting with special attention to separation processes.



Always the latest versions of the different data banks and program packages and a free support are supplied to the Chair of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Oldenburg for teaching as well as research purposes. This collaboration led to the development or further development of group contribution methods like UNIFAC, mod. UNIFAC, PSRK, VTPR and electrolyte models. The intensive use greatly improves our products reliability, quality, performance and applicability. In addition, numerous suggestions from industry as well as academic customers are incorporated into new versions of DDB.



Customers include about 50 chemical and engineering companies throughout the world as well as university and research institutions.



Through different alliances, products and services of DDBST GmbH are supplied throughout the world: The Dortmund Data Bank is supplied as in-house version by DDBST and DECHEMA, which are linked by a cooperation agreement. DECHEMA distributes the DDB as part of their data bank DETHERM.