The major product of DDBST is the Dortmund Data Bank (DDB) for thermophysical properties of pure component and mixtures, which was started in 1973 and is continuously updated and extended. DDB grows by approximately 8% p. a.

The powerful DDB software package features a wide variety of functionalities to optimally employ the vast amount of knowledge stored in the DDB and a variety of modern property estimation and regression techniques. Special data mining tools for process synthesis potentially lead to new solutions for engineering and environmental problems.

DDBST offers consulting services ranging from data regression or estimation to the generation of complex property packages or development and up-front evaluation of process alternatives.

A variety of very successful training courses are available covering the thermodynamic and engineering background and to enable customers to efficiently use the data bank and software tools.

DDBST offers a download with strongly restricted functionality in form of a Explorer Version. Data can also be searched online via this website.

Our Educational Version is used at many Universities worldwide to let students become familiar with a wide variety of thermophysical property issues.

Dortmund Data Bank

Today the DDB represents the largest computerized data bank for thermodynamic pure component and mixture properties (info and detailed status). Besides data from the open literature, also a large number of data from private communications or company data can be found in the DDB.

Besides the full data banks, specific subsets are available, e.g. for ionic liquidspharmaceuticals and intermediates, carbon dioxide containing systems and biofuel related data.   more...

DDB Software Package

The integrated software package provides convenient data handling, thermophysical property calculation, regression and estimation as well as a variety of process synthesis tools under a state of the art Windows user interface. Interfaces to other software products like process simulators or MS Excel integrate the DDB into the users working environment. The softwrae development is to a significant part user-driven to ensure customer oriented design and ease of use. more...

Online DDB and Applications

DDBST is currently implementing an Online platform for the DDB as well as physical property calculation and estimation methods. This service includes a free DDB directory and will include pre-paid services for data distribution and estimation in the future. more...

Academic Software

Our Educational Version gives teachers and students many of the possibilities of the full DDB. To achieve this for a small fraction of the price of the commercial version, some of the very complex and advanced features were left out and the experimental data banks are limited to 30 common components and their mixtures.  more...

DDB Explorer Version

The DDB Explorer Version is a demo version of DDB. It contains data for 30 components and their mixtures as well as the structure editor Predict Pure and several estimation methods for pure component and mixture properties. A full data directory of the DDB is included to search for avaiable data in the full version. more...


Besides delivering data bases and program packages, DDBST GmbH is engaged in consulting and special projects for various customers. These projects range from simple data estimation to setting up and verifying complex parameter sets for process simulation. more...


Regular external and in-house courses  cover both training about applied thermodynamics for process simulation and DDB.

Some of these courses have a long history and are offered by more than 10 or 20 years already.