Water Vapor Pressure Calculation

The saturation water vapor pressure is one of the most commonly needed and calculated property in meteorology and for atmospheric science. Several authors have published equations for the calculation of the water vapor pressure, separated for vapor pressure above ice and above liquid.


DDBST provides three models for both calculations as free online service:




Water Vapor Pressure Data in the Dortmund Data Bank

The pure component properties part (PCP) of the Dortmund Data Bank (DDB) contains experimental vapor pressure data sets, sublimation pressures, saturation vapor pressures, and vapor pressures above supercooled water. Besides these equilibrium data the DDB also offers a lot of PvT data of water including a lot of data at supercritical conditions.

Besides these experimental data, DDB contains parameters for different vapor pressure equations like Antoine, Wagner, DIPPR 101, Cox, etc.




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