DDB Access Package: Data Storage, Retrieval, Plotting and Export

This essential component of the Dortmund Data Bank provides data storage, data input editors, retrieval, graphical representation, import/export for all data banks including complete data directory and demo versions of all non-licensed data banks.

DDB Access Package includes the full set of  programs except:

  • pure component property regression
  • predictive methods
  • process synthesis tools

Other parts are included as restricted versions only:

  • mixture data simultaneous regression Regression Mix (superlight version with ideal and Margules models)
  • pure component property estimation Predict Pure (free version with several simple estimation methods)

It allows to build up in-house literature and experimental property databases as all software tools used at DDBST for input and data test are included. Private data banks can be used from any number of computers as long as these have access to a valid software license. Access to the data can be restricted to individual users and groups.

Major parts of the DDB Access Package are described below:


Dortmund Data Bank

The program Dortmund Data Bank allows to search for experimental data for specific mixtures or literature references. If the Predictive Methods Add-On is available, data can also be loaded from model predictions.

Instead of selecting the components from the DDB, process simulation files (Aspen PlusProII) can be selected and the component lists are automatically imported. The database query is entered into the following dialog:


The result dialog lists the individual data sets for the different data banks and offers numerous further possibilities:

These include:

  • storage and retrieval of data to/from data files
  • export to 3rd party software like Excel or process simulation software (via IK-CAPE-ppdxAspen inp format)
  • 2- and 3-dimensional data visualization
  • data output in form of tables
  • ...


Data Editors for Pure Component and Mixture Data

Convenient data editors are available for pure component and mixture data as well as for supporting basic data. The following dialog shows the data entry program for mixture data:


Literature Data Bank

The literature data bank software LITERATURE specifically developed at DDBST. Besides many other features it allows to easily link individual references to multiple files (e.g. pdf, xls, ...). LITERATURE can handle any number of data bank files. The following figures show a typical query result and the dialog for an individual reference:


Parameter Data Bank ParamDB

A multi purpose parameter data bank (ParamDB) is delivered with the DDB Access PackageParamDB can hold all kinds of single value or model parameter sets and contains export filters for process simulation software. As with other data bank files, a public and private data bank is used to separately store data sets of DDBST and customers. The following dialog shows a typical data set: