Flash Point Calculation

This software calculates flash points of flammable liquid mixtures by the UNIFAC based methods “original UNIFAC” and “modified UNIFAC (Dortmund)”. Both methods are delivered with the latest published parameters.The algorithm to calculate the flash points is described in a scientific paper from 1982 (Gmehling J., Rasmussen P., "Flash Points of Flammable Liquid Mixtures Using UNIFAC.", Ind.Eng.Chem. Fundam., 21(2), 186-188, 1982).

The basic procedure is that from known pure component properties (flash point and heat of combustion) the real behavior of the mixture is estimated by the activity coefficients which are obtained from the predictive group contribution models orig. UNIFAC and modified UNIFAC. Additionally needed parameters are Antoine coefficients for the calculation of the saturated vapor pressures of pure components.

The manual of the current version is available for download.

Please take also a look at the flash point data stored in the Dortmund Data Bank.