DDBST provides several intermediate updates as well as hotfixes which provide some software improvements and corrections to software bugs. Please use the DDB Configuration program regularly to check for potential updates and fixes.

Updates and Hotfixes 2024

DDB 2024: Update 1   (2024-05-03)   Download (13 MB)   Readme (PDF)

MD5: f509fb16eef6087f5826b38e2a210c10
SHA1: c509a4064adac6537243075d19bfceab1b20e424

Updates and Hotfixes 2023

DDB 2023: Feature Update   (2023-12-04)   Download (166 MB)   Readme (PDF)

Updates and Hotfixes 2022

DDB 2022: Update 3   (2022-09-06)   Download (49.1 MB)   Readme (PDF)