Online Services

DDBST provides online services for

  1. searching the Dortmund Data Bank
  2. calculating several pure component properties with common equations
  3. estimating activity coefficients by UNIFAC and MOSCED as well as several pure component properties by the Joback method

DDB Online Search

The online DDB search now allows everybody world-wide to search the content of the Dortmund Data Bank online for suitable information. This DDB online search does not present any data but allows sending a mail to DDBST for requesting further information.




Property Estimation

The property estimation currently contains a very small subset of the estimation methods found in our software package Predict Pure. Future plans may include the addition of further models and online estimation on a pre-paid basis.


Online Calculation

Online Calculations

Online calculation is offered as a first test of a possible future service to provide component data sheets with calculated properties as tables and diagrams to the public. Several regression equations are offered for liquid vapor pressure, enthalpy of vaporization, liquid density and viscosity as well as surface tension. more...