Through different alliances, products and services of DDBST GmbH are supplied throughout the world: The Dortmund Data Bank is supplied as inhouse version by

which are linked by a cooperation agreement. DECHEMA distributes the DDB as part of their data bank DETHERM. Aspen Tech and DECHEMA operate an Internet server for the distribution of data from DDB and DETHERM.



  Laboratory for Thermophysical Properties GmbH (LTP) is situated in the same office building as DDBST GmbH. LTP GmbH intensively employs DDB and provides important feedback. The core business of LTP GmbH lies in the experimental determination of physical property data over a very large temperature, pressure and concentration range



  DECHEMA e.V. (Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology) is a non-profit organization and a long time partner of DDBST. DECHEMA e.V. is publishing the DECHEMA Chemistry Data Series, in which more than 40 volumes of data tables from the DDB were published. In addition, the DDB is available also via their inhouse and online offers (DETHERM).



  Toyo Koatsu provides an automated VLE apparatus with integrated access to the DDB.