Biofuel Related Data

Biofuel (Biodiesel) is a replacement fuel for petroleum-based fuel. It is a renewable energy and gains popularity in the last years because of the accelerating climate change.

Its main components are fatty acids methyl esters (FAME) and ethyl esters and the production process (transesterification) uses methanol or ethanol and produces glycerol. Additional reactive components are sodium and potassium hydroxide and the sodium and potassium alcoholates of methanol and ethanol.

The DDB contains a large amount of thermodynamic and thermochemical data for the components in biodiesel like fatty acids methyl esters (FAME) and ethyl esters as well as numerous components relevant during the production of biodiesel. An overview document can be found in the support section. These data (partly from not publicly available sources) can be licensed as a separate package.

A PDF with additional information is available in this product information web page.