DDB Explorer Version 2023 released

DDBST GmbH now provides the Explorer Version 2023. Besides several thousand data sets with experimental pure component and mixture data for 30 common components, restricted versions of most programs as well as data provided by the EU project "NanoORC"  and from the paper "Benchmark Database Containing Binary-System-High-Quality-Certified Data for Cross-Comparing Thermodynamic Models and Assessing their Accuracy" are now available in the Explorer Version.

Also, modifications of the famous UNIFAC and PSRK models with substantially extended scope based on predicted parameters applying the machine-learning concept of matrix completion are part of the DDB Explorer Version. This modifications have been developped as part of the KEEN project (http://keen-plattform.de/keen/en/) in close collaboration with the research group of Prof. Jirasek from the TU Kaiserslautern.

Further information can be found following https://www.ddbst.com/explorer-version.html

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