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The online DDB search now allows everybody world-wide to search the content of the Dortmund Data Bank online for suitable information. This DDB online search does not reveal any data but allows to send a mail to DDBST for requesting further information.

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Supported Data Banks

The online DDB search covers the complete list of data banks of the Dortmund Data Bank. Included are the data banks for

  • Pure component properties
    • P-v-T related data (vapor pressures, critical data, densities, virial coefficients, and more)
    • Transport properties (viscosities, thermal conductivities, ...)
    • Enthalpies (phase change, formation, ....)
    • Heat capacities
    • Surface tensions
    • and more
  • Mixture properties
    • Vapor-liquid equilibria
    • Liquid-liquid equilibria (miscibility gaps)
    • Solid-liquid equilibria (solubilities)
    • Activity coefficient at infinite dilution
    • Gas solubilities
    • Azeotropic and zeotropic data
    • Heats of mixing
    • Densities, volumes and excess volumes
    • Excess heats of mixing
    • Critical data of mixture
    • Salt solubilities (added 2008-Mar-25)
    • Vapor-liquid equilibria for electrolyte containing mixtures (added 2008-Mar-25)
    • Octanol-water partition coefficients (added 2008-Jul-03, data are stored as pseudo-pure component data)
    • Adsorbent/adsorptive equilibria (added 2008-Jul-03)
    • Polymer related information (covering phase equilibria data and more, added 2008-Jul-03)
    • Dynamic and kinematic viscosities (added 2010)
    • Thermal conductivities (added late 2011)
    • Speeds of sound (added late 2011)
    • Surface tensions (added late 2011)
    • Dielectric constants (added early 2012)


Terms and Conditions of Use


DDBST GmbH provides this online search service free of charge. The price of the full datasets are calculated as follows:

Each data set is priced according to the number of data lines. The prices without value-added tax (VAT) are:

No. of linesEuro €
1    12
2 - 5 25
6 - 19 50
20 - 39 80
40 + 120


Data set from a single source and with a single property are normally combined. E. g. five isobaric VLE data sets for Ethanol/Water with each 10 data points at five different pressures from a single source can be sold as a single 50 points set. This would cost € 120 instead of € 250. Special lower conditions can apply for bigger single orders when more data sets are bought together and special higher conditions can apply for single or very few sets. 



The content information is freely available and no copyright is reserved for the search results.


Privacy Statement

DDBST may collect some basic information about performed searches. This can include, besides the search requests, all the information transferred from the client computer to the DDBST server including e. g. the IP number of the client computer, the used operating system and browser. DDBST will use this information only internally and never publish any of this collected data or pass them on to any third party.