UNIFAC Consortium and DDB User Meeting 2020 cancelled

Based on our assessment of the global situation and the instructions from the government regarding the Covid-19 expansion and possible after-effects, we decided to forego this years meeting to protect you and our employees.

This indeed difficult decision does not influence the work of the UNIFAC consortium and DDBST. To this day all our staff is doing well and we hope it stays that way. Amongst others, we are currently working on the finalization of this years delivery for both UNIFAC consortium and version 2020 of our software and data banks. Although the majority of our employees works from home, we are able to keep services alive. As usual you will receive the UNIFAC consortium delivery 2020 to the usual extent via download at the end of September.

We are still there for you in case of any questions regarding our services and products and would be happy to serving you as best as possible. We are looking forward to meeting you next year in September at the latest.

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