UNIFAC Consortium and DDBST User Meeting closed today.


Participants from all over the world joined the 10th joint UNIFAC Consortium and DDBST User Meeting which took place in Oldenburg, Germany, from September 18th to 19th 2012.

The meeting took place at the TGO, Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Oldenburg and at DDBST.

At the first day, the progress of the group contribution models original UNIFAC, modified UNIFAC, PSRK and the actual status of the VTPR (Volume Translated Peng Robinson) group contribution equation of state were shown together with new and improved features of the Dortmund Data Bank and the integrated software package DDBSP.

In order to present an interesting scientific program, also the participants from industry were encouraged to deliver short lectures about any topic of common interest in the area of thermophysical property data estimation, correlation, measurement, application and the use of the DDB / DDBSP.

On the second day, an intensive course and an advanced topics workshop was offered by the DDBST GmbH free of charge.

The opportunity to discuss individual topics with people from other companies, the DDBST and LTP GmbH gained a positive feedback from all participants.




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