Joint DDBST Customers and UNIFAC Consortium Meeting Update

The next joint meeting of UNIFAC consortium members and DDBST customers is coming soon (September 16) and more than 30 participants have already registered. The UNIFAC consortium begins to uncover some of its new results - all the details and especially the new parameters will only be reported to the members of the consortium.

The diagrams in this news entry are showing the latest 2014 parameter matrix of UNIFAC (Dortmund) and the progress in the parameter development from 1997 to this year.

Further information is also available on the consortium's web site.


The Modified UNIFAC (Dortmund) Parameter Matrix 2014

UNIFACDO - All Consortium Parameters 2014

Number of Interaction Parameters from 1997 to Today for Modified UNIFAC (Dortmund)

files/unifac/Matrices/UNIFACDO Progress 1997 to 2014.gif

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