Mixture P-v-T Data

The Dortmund Data Bank now contains a collection of P-v-T data for mixtures. The pure component P-v-T data have been stored as part of the pure component properties data bank for already a long time.

The current status of the mixture P-v-T data bank as of 2013-Mar-06 is:

  • 6086 data sets
  • 113570 data points
  • Data have been collected from 409 references 
  • Data for 599 different systems are available

A full list of available system can be found here in our DDB Online Search. This list is updated at least once a month and shows the most current status. The overview is not complete, some data sets and points had to be excluded. Luckily, this typically only effects less than one percent of the available sets and points ("Open Literature Only").

This new part of the Dortmund Data Bank is still under development and growing quickly. Please contact us for more information.

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