Gas Hydrate Properties

The Dortmund Data Bank has been extended to store a variety of properties for different gas hydrates.

The current state of 2013-Feb-27 is

  • Data for 411 different systems are stored
  • 1284 data sets with 11081 data points are available
  • 208 different sources have been evaluated

The available properties include

  • Liquid-Hydrate(Type I)-Equilibrium
  • Initial Hydrate Formation Temperature
  • Phase Boundary Data, Critical Points, Univariant Data
  • Hydrate Forming Conditions
  • Incipient Hydrate Formation Conditions
  • Enthalpy of Hydrate Formation
  • Gas-Liquid-Hydrate-Equilibrium (Liquid unspecified)
  • Hydrate Decomposition Conditions
  • Liquid-Hydrate-Equilibrium (Liquid unspecified)
  • Gas-Hydrate-Equilibrium
  • Gas-Ice-Hydrate(Type I)-Equilibrium
  • Phase Equilibria under Hydrate Forming Conditions
  • Gas-Liquid-Liquid-Hydrate-Equilibrium
  • Liquid-Liquid-Hydrate-Equilibrium
  • Hydrate-other Phases-boundaries
  • Hydrate Decomposition Enthalpy
  • Ice-Gas-Liquid-Hydrate-Equilibrium
  • Gas-Ice-Hydrate-Equilibrium
  • Gas-Liquid-Hydrate-Equilibrium
  • Liquid-Liquid-Liquid-Hydrate-Equilibrium
  • Gas-Liquid-Liquid-Hydrate-Equilibrium
  • Liquid-Hydrate-Equilibrium
  • ...and few more...

This new part of the Dortmund Data Bank is still under development and growing quickly. Please contact us for more information.

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