LLE – Liquid-Liquid Equilibria

The LLE data bank contains a large amount of liquid-liquid equilibrium data and liquid solubility data for binary and higher systems. It is of great importance for extraction (distribution of a component between two liquid phases in equilibrium) and in case of other unit operations involving immiscible systems. The LLE data bank is required by the process synthesis software for the selection of solvents for liquid-liquid extraction using DDB.

Besides data for ternary and higher mixtures typically used for the design of extraction processes, the data bank contains a huge amount of information on mutual solubility as function of temperature and pressure. In case of low mutual solubility, activity coefficients at infinite dilution can directly be calculated from the solubility data.

Several different possibilities for the change of the immiscible region with temperature are given in the plot below together with the component combinations depicted in these examples. All data were taken from the DDB-LLE data bank.

A full list of available systems is available in our DDB Online Search system. The page might take some seconds to load because of its size.

Data Tables, Monographies

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Selected Scientific Papers

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Selected Scientific Papers (Experimental Data)

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