CRI - Critical Data of Mixtures

The CRI data file first became available in 2002 and was constructed to support research on equations of state (EOS).

The critical behavior of mixtures as function of temperature provides very important information for the test of EOS and their mixing rules. Besides that, the correct prediction of the critical locus is critical for the design of many chemical processes.

In the vicinity of the critical point, the PvT behavior changes drastically as function of temperature or pressure and an erroneous prediction of the critical properties can easily have devastating effects on process design.

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As an example, the critical temperature in the mixture ethanol (1) - hexane (2) is shown in the diagram below. At equimolar composition, a critical temperature of about 489 K was found. Assuming ideal mixture behavior, a value of about 510 K would have been expected. This means, that the strong changes in compressibility of the mixture appear more than 20 K lower due to the real mixture behavior.

The following picture shows the pure component ethane at its critical temperature as well as 0.5K below and above. The sapphire cell in this photo was also used to determine the critical data of mixtures for a number of binary systems stored in the DDB-CRI data bank.

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