20. International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics in Warsaw, Poland

Prof. Gmehling has received the Rossini Lectureship Award at the 20th International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics in Warsaw, Poland. Prof. Gmehling received this award from the Board of Directors of IACT for his important contributions to the field of thermodynamics.

Different presentations contributed to the meeting included

Group Contribution Methods Jürgen Gmehling
Data Banks and Application Jürgen Rarey
Ionic Liquids Jürgen Gmehling
Pure Component Property Estimation Bruce Moller
Dortmund Data Bank Poster, Software Presentations DDBST GmbH
Physical Properties from Experiment LTP GmbH


Available Downloads:

ICCT 2008, Warsaw Factual Data Banks and Their Application for the Synthesis and Design of Chemical Processes and the Development and Test of Physical Property Estimation Methods
J. Rarey, J. Gmehling
Slides (English)
  Estimation of Vapour Pressures of Organic Liquids using Group Contributions and Group Interactions
B. Moller, J. Rarey, D. Ramjugernath
Slides (English)