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Solid-Liquid Equilibrium Data

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Solid-Liquid Equilibrium Data Set 18065


No. Formula Molar Mass CAS Registry Number Name
1 C8H10 106.167 108-38-3 m-Xylene
2 C8H10 106.167 106-42-3 p-Xylene
3 C5H9NO 99.133 872-50-4 N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone
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Data Table

T [K] xL1 [mol/mol] xL2 [mol/mol] xS1 [mol/mol] xS2 [mol/mol]
209.15 0.57000 0.07000 0.57000 0.07000

(P - pressure, T - temperature, xl - liquid mole fraction, xs - solid mole fraction)


Zeliznyi A.M.; Dyakiv F.V.: . Viniti (1976) 1-13

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